M. Patrick Pedlar, BSc, DDS, MSD, FRCD(C)
Restoring and Maintaining the Natural Appearance of Teeth
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Burlington, ON L7T 4J2
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Spring 2022

Click Here to View PDF – Spring Newsletter 2022 – Considerations in Implant Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Topics include:

  • Dental Implants in Diabetic Patients
  • Patient-related Risk Factors
  • Implant Survival In Private Practice
  • Impact of Crown-to-Implant Ratio
  • Natural Teeth vs Implants

Winter 2022

Click Here to View PDF – Prosthodontic Newsletter – Implant Crown Cementation and Residual Subgingival Cement

Topics include:

  • Excess Cement and Peri-implant Disease
  • Cellular Reaction To Luting Cements
  • An Effective Precementation Technique
  • Cementation Protocols for Fixed Partial Dentures
  • Excess Cement With Custom Abutments

Summer 2021

Click Here to View PDF – Prosthodontic Newsletter – The Art and Science of Optimal Hygiene for Dental Implants

Topics include:

  • Supportive Treatment for Implant Patients
  • Adequate Access for Peri-implant Hygiene
  • Bar-vs Stud-retained Overdentures
  • BioFilm Formation On Implant Materials
  • Power vs Manual Toothbrushes

Prosthodontics Newsletter – Winter 2020

Click Here to View PDF – Prosthodontics Newsletter – State-of-the-Art Applications for Zirconia in Prosthodontics

Topics Include:

  • Improving the Esthetics of Zirconia Restorations
  • Zirconia Restorations in Bruxism Treatment
  • Zirconia Complete Denture with New Nanocomposite Framework
  • Bonding Strength of Universal Adhesive Systems
  • Suitability of Zirconia Abutments with Bonded Titanium Inserts

Prosthodontics Newsletter – Winter 2019

Click Here to View PDF – Prosthodontics Newsletter – Removable Prosthodontics

Newsletter Summary:

  • Chewing ability is one of the most important factors in nutritional status and quality of life.
  • Quality of life can be improved by extending shortened dental arches with removable prosthetics.
  • Fixed implant supported prostheses are perceived better even before treatment is completed.
  • Conventional fixed, removable and implant Prosthodontics all improve quality of life. Surprisingly, after two years conventional removable Prosthodontics can show the greatest improvement. Obviously, this depends on  many factors.

Prosthodontics Newsletter – Fall 2019

Click Here to View PDF – Prosthodontics Newsletter – Quality of Life as an Objective in Prostodontics

Topics Including:

  • Chewing Ability and Health in the Elderly Population
  • Treating Shortened Dental Arches With Prosthetic Restorations
  • Restorations in Kennedy Class II and Class III Partial Edentulism
  • Complete Dentures and Elderly Edentulous Patients’ Quality of Life
  • Long-term Impact of Conventional Prosthodontic Treatment

Report on Prosthodontics – Summer 2018

Click Here to View PDF – Report on Prosthodontics – Loading Dental Implants in Augmented Bone

Topics Including:

  • Loading Protocols: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
  • Implant and Provisional Placement Protocols in Augmented Bone
  • Outcomes of Immediately Placed Implants in Augmented Bone
  • Immediate Provisionalization Of Immediate Implants
  • Sinus Floor Elevation with Immediately Loaded Postextraction Implants

Patient Testimonials

It is a pleasure going to the dentist when it is Dr. Pedlar. I know his credentials are A 1 and his diagnosis are accurate and his work is always excellent. I have been a patient of Dr. Larry Pedlar and now Dr. Patrick Pedlar for many years. The offices are pristine and follow all the present day guidelines. The staff are wonderful , caring , efficient and excellent. I always recommend them when asked in my present circumstances at LaSalle retirement home.

-Janice D.

I am delighted with the quality of the service I receive on every visit! Perhaps even more important is the fact I feel truly 'cared for' from the moment I walk into the beautifully appointed, comfortable office and with every person in the practice. Everyone I have introduced to this wonderful health care team has been well treated, and I am very happy to stay with this kind, professional team. Thank you for years as my trusted health partner! I have a wonderful smile as proof of your great skill!

-Laura L.

I trust Dr. Pedlar and his team to provide exceptional care. The advice and treatment I have received are always accurate. I never have to return for the same issue twice. Thank you. I highly recommend this dental practice.

-Lynn C.

So impressed with how well you all have adapted to COVID in re-fitting your offices and procedures. Incredibly professional and thorough but I would expect nothing less from your team, as it's been my experience with the Pedlar group for the past 50 years. PS: Marlene as always did a great job.

-Rob M.

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