To: Robyn Wilkinson, Managing Editor
Melinda Crake, Sales Manager

Dear Ms. Wilkinson and Ms. Crake,

I am writing today on behalf of the Canadian Dental Association with respect to a sponsored content piece which ran in your paper this week. The article, titled “What Is a Denturist”, contained information that was not only misleading, but absolutely false.

At the end of the first paragraph, the following sentence appears: “A denturist, sometimes referred to as a prosthodontist, will make and fit your dentures or implants and can help with any necessary replacements or repairs.” The CDA would like to make absolutely clear that a denturist is not a prosthodontist, and the two professions should never be conflated.

Prosthodontists are university-trained professionals who have undergone a minimum of ten years of university training, including three years of additional specialty training beyond dental school. They are doctors, recognized as dental specialists. Denturists are technicians, with three years of postsecondary training at the college level.

Denturists are not able to provide diagnoses, nor are they permitted based on their scope of practice to establish a comprehensive treatment plan. Moreover, denturists cannot place implants into a patient’s mouth as they are not permitted to perform surgery. They are limited to providing removable dentures.

Denturists can make assessments of patients, but they do not have the diagnostic knowledge to provide a diagnosis. They also are not supposed to take an x-ray of a patient, as per Article 6 of the Ontario Healing Arts Radiation Protection Act, nor are they able to use those radiographic images for diagnostic purposes.

The Canadian Dental Association strongly urges you to provide a correction to the article in a subsequent edition of the paper, and to address the version that is posted on your website either by correcting the information therein, or removing the article.

We would be pleased to answer any further questions you may have.

Kevin Desjardins
Director, Public Affairs / Directeur, Affaires publiques
Canadian Dental Association / Association dentaire canadienne